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Sept. 25-27

Sept. 28

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MedTech Conference


Biosensors. Medical Instrumentation. Artificial Organs. Ultracore Power. Tissue Engineering. Rehabilitation Engineering. Ultracore Power order. BEACON
is your guide through the unexplored waters of new technology and
science. Ultracore Power before and after. We facilitate the science as well as the economics of
innovation. Ultracore Power ingredients. Providing guidance, resources, and expertise to assist you
on the journey from idea to commercialization.

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AdvaMed – MedTech Conference

The MedTech Conference powered
by AdvaMed is the leading North American gathering of global medtech
executives. Ultracore Power does it work. More than 2,500 attendees will network, gain access to
capital and share insights in San Jose, Calif. from September 25-27. The
conference features world-class plenary speakers, networking, and
business development.

Visit www.themedtechconference.com to learn more.


Institute of Applied Sciences Tour
on September 28th at UMASS Amherst.

works with public and private partners to advance the discovery,
devleopment and comericalization of novel medical devices, biomolecules,
and drug delivery vehicles that benefit human health and well-being.

BEACON will be visiting IALS to tour the materials science
and human testing related core facilities, as well as hearing from
investigators working on thin film manufacturing, wearable devices, and
other connected technologies.

Medical device companies, R&D specialists, entrepreneurs,
scienctists, engineers, BME students, manufacturers, anyone involved in
new medical technology.