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Biomedical Engineering is the 21st Century’s Odyssey!

Taking us past barriers that once stood in the way of insights and cures. More than any field of scientific discovery, it is expanding human potential, not only medically but also economically. In the aftermath of the human genome project, it has been richly collaborative. Innovation and technology transfer within the high-technology sector of medical devices and systems holds as great potential to make medical devices an economic engine for the region.

In 2000, BEACON seized on this unique focus and has since become a driving force behind it. The Biomedical Engineering Alliance and Consortium (BEACON) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization consisting of academic and medical institutions, as well as corporations and entrepreneurs, dedicated to the development and commercialization of new medical technology. To accomplish this, BEACON has created a “Preferential Access Network” which provides BEACON members access to the expertise and resources within the BEACON Community.
To accomplish their mission, BEACON has produced annual symposia, two major regional conferences and expositions (MEDi 2005 and 2008) and over two dozen grant-related seminars presented by federal agencies (NSF and NIH), as well as more than 20 educational presentations on new medical technologies, BEACON endeavors to:

  • Continually develop a network that gives our members access to the expertise and resources within the BEACON community.
  • Promote collaborative research and partnerships among our academic, medical and industry partners in the field of biomedical engineering.
  • Facilitate the development of new medical device companies by assisting academics and clinicians in developing their business plans and commercializing their idea.
  • Provide educational opportunities through seminars and programs that improve understanding and foster the acquisition of specific knowledge and expertise.
  • Build bridges to other organizations interested in biomedical research and development.

Although BEACON is a global entity, its administrative office is located in the heart of one of New England’s medically and technically rich environments in Hartford, Connecticut–part of the New England Knowledge Corridor that extends from New Haven, CT to Northampton, MA.